Most Expensive 2020 Toyota Supra Costs $59,744

Shayne Fowler at Right Toyota North Scottsdale Az. Bringing you the latest news.

The much anticipated 2020 Toyota Supra is finally available to build online. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend anywhere close to $100,000 to put one in your garage. The Supra starts at $50,920, including the mandatory $930 destination fee. The Launch Edition has the highest base cost at $56,180, but a customer can make the Premium grade’s price even higher by ticking every possible option box. The model tops out at $59,744.

There are nine extra accessories that buyers can add, too. On the outside, there are $65 wheels locks, $925 carbon fiber mirror caps, $485 front bumper paint protection film, and $395 paint protection film on the hood, fenders, mirror backs, and door cups. For the cabin, there is a $46 rear cargo spider net, $49 rear cargo tote, $80 rear cargo carpeted mat, $59 emergency assistance kit, and $30 first aid kit.

Judging by online listings, a handful of dealers already have the Supra in stock, and many more showrooms indicate there are allocations on the way. Expect to start seeing the revived model on the road soon.


There aren’t too many options, but buyers have some accessories to add.

Source: Most Expensive 2020 Toyota Supra Costs $59,744