2019 Toyota Corolla goes global | Shayne Fowler

Shayne Fowler at Toyota North Scottsdale brings you more news from Toyota and their latest products.

Toyota Motor Corp. has a problem to fix on one of the most successful vehicles

in its history.

The worldwide popularity of the Corolla pulled Toyota into creating different architectures for different markets in recent years. And now, as it prepares to launch the car’s 12th generation, Toyota needs to bring all variances back into a single global architecture.

The outgoing 11th-generation is actually three different cars on three different platforms.

That finally changes with the introduction of the Corolla hatchback that hits U.S. showrooms this summer. It is the lead model for a new family of Corollas, including an upcoming sedan and wagon, that will all be based off the same completely re-engineered global platform.

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